About Garstone Design

Garstone is a proud family owned Australian company committed to producing the finest quality leather lounges and sofas at a realistic price due to efficient production techniques

Garstone Design Furniture is able to do this by:

  • Using craftsmen and women who use upholstery techniques which give the product a sumptuous look and feel, with an emphasis on quality and feature stitching
  • Constructing solid timber frames using local plantation grown timbers which are kiln dried for stability
  • The frames assembled by tradesman who nail, screw and glue the components
  • The addition of corner blocks and a lining board to outside arms and backs for stability
  • The No Sag Steel Spring System which is used for its greater travel capacity for seating comfort.
  • Using Dunlop Enduro seating foams in our designs for their unique 36/38 density.

Care and Maintenance

The purchase of a Garstone Design lounge suite is an investment in quality. Garstone Design Furniture carefully chose the quality materials to ensure long product life.

To protect your investment proper care and maintenance routines should be established and the following particulars:

  • Where possible, fluff and rotate cushions to equalise wear. Cushioning and filling materials gradually soften and flatten with normal use.
  • Normal comfort creases may develop. Particular attention should be paid to heavy creasing. The covers should be adjusted if this occurs.
  • Leather and fabrics should be cared for in accordance with the attached manufacturers care labels.