Garstone Frames

Why Arakaria?

Arakaria or hoop pine as it is commonly referred to, whilst not a true pine, shares many of the properties of pine.

It is a particularly hard framing timber with the comparisons to common timber contained in the Arakaria leaflet.

Arakaria is an Australian plantation grown timber which originated as a Queensland rainforest native.  It is specifically grown and ideally suited for usage in furniture.  It is kiln dried to a sustainable moisture content of 12% which ensures no shrinkage, twisting or splitting. Arakaria is the finest choice of Australian renewable timbers.

Why Panel Construction?

To ensure the frame is strong and rigid, Garstone Design framemakers nail, screw and glue and add corner blocks during assembly in addition to this, the outside arm and the outback panels are lined with a ply or M.D.F board.  This strengthens the construction and adds an everywhere brace.  It also forms the foundation upon which the Garstone upholsterers are able to pad the outside of the frame.

Each piece takes on a softer yet more solid appeal than lower quality products.

Note:  Our solid panel frames have proven popular with furniture carriers as the incidence of transit damage is significantly reduced.