Our Warranty

Your Guarantee of Quality

Garstone Design at its discretion will repair or replace in part or full any defects caused by Garstone Design.

The frame has a 20 year warranty, Dunlop Foam seats lifetime warranty and Suspension Components & Construction has 10 years.

In the case of leather 2 years and Mechanism years. Back fills and arm rest 12 months. All other items are covered by statuary 12 months warranty. Garstone Design are bound by the terms and conditions contained within the material supplier’s warranties and act as an intermediary in the execution of such warranties. These warranties are valid from the date of the original purchase and are not transferable.

All leather complaints within the warranty period must be supported by a report from a registered leather technician along with the warranty number. Garstone Design will refund the outlay for the report if the said report proves the leather to have a manufacturing fault and at their discretion will replace in part or full any panels effected. Claims will be invalid if the warranty number is not supplied.

If a service call is required from the manufacturer and it is found not to be a manufacturing fault a call out fee will apply to the consumer (i.e. tradesperson rates].

Should it be necessary to return the goods to Garstone Design in part or full for repair or replacement, all transportation costs will be payable by the purchaser unless written authorisation is received from Garstone Design.

Garstone Design guarantee applies to furniture used for domestic purposes only, which is cleaned, cared for and maintained in accordance with care and maintenance instructions provided.