Garstone Suspension

Why Intes?

In applications which require a webbed seat suspension system, Garstone Design utilise the Intes or Elasbelt Webbing.

This quality webbing if used correctly provides the most even and reliable suspension system.  Intes is imported from Italy by Thomas Warwick and carries a ten year guarantee against sagging or snapping.

Garstone Design has a unique 8 strand per seat layout which provides even weight distribution and reduces the likelihood of weak spots.

Why Bowspring?

Garstone Design produces a Fully Sprung No-Sag Base utilising Bowspring Materials from Thomas Marsh Springs.  The 4mm coated wire exceeds industry standards and combined with Hinge Links and Cross Ties, provides the best possible seating system currently on the market.

The enamel coating on the Bowspring helps prevent surface rust and reduced friction noise. The Swinging Arm Hinge Link reduces wear and provides superior up and down travel. Seat appeal which any consumer will immediately recognize.

This No-Sag Sprung Base carries a Ten year guarantee against Metal Fatigue.