Service Procedures

All service calls must be directed to your retailer. Garstone will attempt to further qualify the customer and commence the best course of action, with the exception of Leather queries and external damage complaints. If necessary, a report should be forwarded to our Brisbane factory.

We hope to isolate the large percentage of consumer claims which can be handled in store, e.g damage to product (both by consumer or otherwise), lack of knowledge of maintenance procedures by customer, misinterpretation about the performance of the product or the wearing and aging of the product. This should mean a speedy and efficient completion to many service complaints.

The following information is merely a guide to trouble shooting and is not intended to replace the product education which should be passed on at the point of sale.

** Please remember: Garstone Design produce each model with “Comfort recipe” which is statistically ideal. As we can not guarantee that our lounges will be comfortable for all individual consumers, we offer a range of suspension and filling options to help customise the product to suit.